A little Nature

A little Boho

A lot of Sexy

Arthy: to be of the nature of the earth, unaffected, coarse

or unrefined. Simple, natural, homey.

The essence of the Botanical Portraits experience is to give you a luxurious, Tropical/Caribbean vibe all in natural surroundings. Our goal is to take photos of the hottie next door, lounging in the yard, unpretentious, and sensual.

Botanical Portraits from November - March

South Florida & Southwest Florida

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Quetsy Photography | (954) 590-0282 | info@quetsy.com

"Connect with yourself again, do something bold! Don't worry. We'll coach you through every fabulous look."

"Those women are incredible! Super empowering. They made me feel great. They are so talented and so creative. It's the best photoshoot I've ever done!"


"I can't thank you guys enough. I've never felt so beautiful and confident [...].
You've helped my life."


About Us

I’m Quetsy, a free-spirited, conscious mom, full of encouragement, who enjoys coffee before conversation, caring for plants, and daydreaming about performing on stage.

And I’m Lyz-Stephanie is a nature lover, mom, artist, and creative genius who enjoys making life beautiful, learning, vintage styling, and finding humor in the moment.

We’re longtime friends who will talk for days (if you let us) about personal growth, life and new ways to express our endless creativity. After years of talk, we’ve decided to join forces to create an unforgettable experience for people just like us.

You know, when you‘re hanging with your friends, vibing to music, feeling yourself, and wanting to take pictures? We're those friends. And we take pictures...like, real good.

Lush Natural Setting

Welcome to your natural habitat. Freedom to be your authentic self. Feel the breeze. The warmth of the sun. The soil under your feet. Shimmer in the sun. The focus is you.

Celebrity-Style Experience

For some, picking outfits that will last forever in photos might seem monumental. Our stylist will help you dress with what you so we can capture your essence from head to toe, even makeup look, reflecting a look that's all you, x10!