The Dreaded Mommy Tummy

Last week I shared a post on my Instagram by TheBirdsPapaya (I don't know her name). She posts frequent pictures of her jelly belly, mommy yummies, and skin warrior roads. I have really enjoyed reading her stories of her insecurities and limiting beliefs and how she has overcome them. Now she proudly posts as a symbol of empowerment.


It's refreshing for us women to know that someone else is going through the same struggles. My belly looks like a deflated balloon. I get bloated easily in my mid-section. And when I gain weight, it's the first place all the fat goes to. When I get naked it's the first part of my body I look at and judge.


I used to hate looking at it and did anything possible to cover it when I wore lingerie. I would say out loud how much I hated it. Going to the beach was torture. I felt so insecure, so small and unworthy of enjoying myself. It sounds so silly now. But it wasn't then. After my divorce, I would think "No one is going to want to see me again after seeing me naked."


It wasn't until I made a choice to let go that insecurity that I started to feel pretty and worthy of getting looks from others. I made a choice last year to photograph my body, belly and all. To reveal it to others. My intention was to feel empowered. I figured if I was bold enough to do what other women have done, like TheBirdsPapaya, it would validate them and help others.


If a man doesn't want me because of my mommy tummy, he's lost…big time!


Now I embrace it all! The mommy tummy, the stretch marks, the little booty….I rock sexy outfits and move to music and life with joy and pride.


Accept and love yourself! If you dare to post a picture like this, tag me and use #questforsexy. It would make my year!

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