Getting ready for your closeup

Makeup has the potential to boost confidence for your photo session. In my studio, makeup is part of the experience. It does a few things for you:

  1. You walk in with jitters and sitting on the makeup chair simply relaxes you (I like to add a mimosa to the mix or any other beverage that makes you happy)
  2. You can open up your energy and heart chakra starting with the artist. Having conversation that is confidence boosting gets your mindset ready for the camera.
  3. Your look transforms to a more enhanced version of the beauty that you are, creating a more daring and bold vibe.

Below are some options for makeup looks to consider:

Full Glam

Some women love the full glam look! They want step into the session feeling like a celebrity! It's the makeup look where everything goes. From contour to colored eyeshadow that pops. Is this you? It's almost like putting on a persona, an alter-ego, if you will. And that can be so much fun! Lights, camera, action!

Glamourous Makeup Boudoir

Classically Madeup

For the more subtle makeup look, some client enjoy looking refreshed and have a neutral makeup look that looks like their second skin. They want to feel like themselves, while looking intentionally put together. It's the typical "wedding look". It's fun! That is the case of this photo of my client. She had color correction as well as beautiful colored eye shadows that enhanced the colors in her eyes. Pretty!

Maternity Classic Portrait

Keep It Light

Then there's the very light makeup look. This is where the client prefers little makeup. With this look I recommend to brighten the skin, covering any blemishes, reducing dark circles under the eyes, a tiny bit of blush and taking care that the skin does not pick up too much light and create unwanted highlights. It is fresh!

Simple Beauty Headshot

No Makeup

For those of you who simply do not want anyone touching your face, no problem! I can take care of any details and enhancements in post production (edits). This can be a beautiful 'raw' look. Especially if you have distinct birthmarks or freckles. Not only can people looking at your photos relate to you, but it also keeps you distinguishable. A simply-YOU look.

Afro Beauty Headshot blm

With any of these looks, it's important that you make a choice that you will be comfortable with, but that also pushes your boundaries a bit. Why not? If you normally wear makeup and your photoshoot represents a 'fresh start' you can try a clean face. If you tend to dress down lots and are bold, you may want to go for a full glam. Stretch your boundaries. Above all, have fun and allow the experience to be one of growth. Go get your close up, girl!