Trends that are Worthy of Noting

I'm not a trendy person by any means. However, I do understand that trends represent the self-expression of the current generations. There's some psychology behind them that I'm not qualified to discuss. What I can say is that trends that are relevant to your business are worthy of some attention. When taking photos, we tend to consider these and suggest some to our clients.

Flowers Photography


People are getting fed up with the filtered look. The world is ready to see some real beauty. It's about time, I say! Embracing a unique feature, birthmark, face shape is now acceptable in society's eyes. People can resonate with these so-called imperfections.

Do you have a mommy tummy and you're selling waist trainers?

Are you standing for body positivity?

Or are you simply not going to succumb to societal pressures to have a "perfect" look?

Pink Bra Boudoir Photo


To represent your product in a unique way, you must show your unique qualities. Be unapologetically you! If you are usually silly, happy or sarcastic...all these can be expressed in a photo. Say it loud and proud! It's refreshing and intriguing. Your photo can emotionally pull in your ideal client in. And it's just plain fun!

Fun Lifestyle Portrait Photography


2020's intense events on a global scale and the revelations, insights, and changes in our very country have moved us. Some of us are finally seeing how we acknowledge the existence of people of color and include them in our journey. It's so beautiful and amazing to see more persons of color in different ads, commercials, and general social media content. Maybe you can include diversity in your branding as well.

Lifestyle Photography Male Model

Of course, you don't have to follow these trends. However, take advantage of these said trends to show people who you truly are, what your brand is about and how your product/offer can benefit them. Your business should take on a more human feel. Show up, show your face, and show your ideal customer you're thinking of them.

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All photos were taken by Quetsy and are not to be used without permission.