What am I about?

I'm about self-love. I am a single mom of three; one of them disabled, one of them with chronic asthma, and two of them LGBTQ+... When I tell you it's been a wild ride, trust me! So, hey, I'm aiming to make money, grab a hold of my future, and make it work so I can leave a legacy for my children.

Experience? I've been doing this for over 10 years now! I don't just love to take photos, this is my career. I chose this because it was something that saved me mentally at a time I needed a creative outlet. But I fell in love with photography. I especially like that moment when it all clicks in the middle of a session and you start feeling yourself. No, really, I see it all the time! The glimmer in the eyes in the midst of a photoshoot. You beam, and it's so facinating when that happens!

It's my mission to help you feel awesome. You're a work of art. Let me show you!

Quetsy Photography

brands I've photographed for: